Set up on Saturday afternoon-help arrange tables, hang banners. 2 hours. TBD
 Aid station #2 where 5km and 8 km meet-9-1:30
 Mawby station (serve tastings)
 Downhill safety helper
 Registration help 9-12 Sunday-waiver table, or check-out, application table.
 Registration set-up on Sat. (in Evening 6 pm) and or Sun. morning 7:30 ish to 10am at Timber Ridge
 Trail Guide on trail ski, snow bike, snowshoe.
 Start Finish -men
 Door man/greeter
 Run PARTY Station along the trail!
 Tear Down/clean up-2pm-4pm
 Donating Food (grapes, strawberries etc.)
 Pick up supplies on Sat. (small tent, food, banners) afternoon.
 Help Vendors Set-up Sundy
 Place directional signs.
  "Manning the Course". must ski or have snowshoes, bring back pack with "kisses" or mittens, etc. Anything to assist the ladies!
 Assist with serving food on Sunday
 Direct Traffic/parking

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Women's Winter Tour